Our great, valued supporters

Through the development of Pandora, many great people have supported us by financial means.

Special thanks go to the following great people and organizations:

  • Zenbot CNC - Buy great CNC machines at Zenbot CNC !
  • Rod S. - You've done a great service for the community! Thanks so much!
  • Robert T. - "Thank you so much for working on this little controller. we are all so thankful for your work. Rob T."
  • Simon D. - "N32905 (30€ shipping to Germany). Thanks for all your work, BR, Simon"
  • Ken W. - "For the work you have already done and to help buy you some stuff"
  • John S. - "Hi Benedikt a donation for the project, thanks for your work", "Keep up the good work" (twice)
  • C6 Manufacturing - "I appreciate your work on the DDCSV1. 1. Can't wait for inches and more. Thank you, Jason A."
  • Timothy R. - "Thank you! I like this controller. [...] Thanks again!"

  • Thanks to Jeffrey for his donation that keeps the site up for another 2-3 months!

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