You can download the latest version of Pandora or of the factory firmware below. The downloads are compatible for both the DDCSV1.1 and the RMHV2.1.


If you are inexperienced with the update process and you are running Windows, it is advised that you use the guided Windows installer below. It will allow you to format your USB stick correctly and it will install either Pandora, or the factory firmware update to the USB stick. Potential errors in the process are fixed automatically which makes the process much easier.

Click here to download version v1.4.

Pandora installer Screenshot

Stable version

The latest stable version is from April 16th, 2017. It can be downloaded as a ZIP-Archive.

You can also browse the stable directory of our archive.

Factory version

If you are looking for the latest factory firmware, you can download the version 2017030487-NOR from here.

In case you want to download the last version from 2016, you can download version 2016061080-NOR from here.

Remember, that the factory firmware will not clean up any hooks and files put in place by the Pandora installer. It should still work and revert you to factory defaults.