Pandora - Unleash the power of your DDCSV1.1!

Welcome to the homepage of the Pandora open-source CNC-Firmware and the inoffical go-to site for the DDCSV1.1, DDCSV2.1 and the RMHV2.1!

Please help preserve this page for the future by donating to help pay for the hosting bill. I'm in 50€ a year, 4€ every month for this non-profit project.

Pandora is a partially open source replacement firmware for the DDCSV1.1, DDCSV2.1 and RATTM motor RMHV2.1 CNC motion controller. This process also involves improving on the old, closed source firmware by means of patching and extending the original binaries.

Download Pandora now, for free and make your CNC even more powerful!

Pandora comes with new features, such as controlling your CNC with a wired or wireless USB MPG, keyboard or keypad. You can also customize the boot splash and the translation and user interface has been much improved. Also there is now support for a USB serial console (for accessing the internal Linux) and startup scripts can be run.

This website also hosts an online configuration utility that will allow you to configure the parameters of your DDCSV1.1/RMHV2.1 controller online (in multiple languages, including Russian and Chinese) and export them to a USB stick. The file generated is compatible with all versions of the controller (even with the factory firmware).