Welcome to the homepage of the Pandora open-source CNC-Firmware and the inoffical go-to site for the DDCSV1.1, DDCSV2.1, DDCSV3.1 and the RMHV2.1!

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I have updated the online configurator to work with any firmware known December, 2021 for DDCSV1.1, DDCSV2.1 and DDCSV3.1. If you like it, thanks are always appreciated. Have fun, wash your hands and stay safe!

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Pandora is a partially open source replacement firmware for the DDCSV1.1, DDCSV2.1, DDCSV3.1 and RATTM motor RMHV2.1 CNC motion controller. This process also involves improving on the old, closed source firmware by means of patching and extending the original binaries.

Download Pandora now, for free and make your CNC even more powerful!

Pandora comes with new features, such as controlling your CNC with a wired or wireless USB MPG, keyboard or keypad. You can also customize the boot splash and the translation and user interface has been much improved. Also there is now support for a USB serial console (for accessing the internal Linux) and startup scripts can be run.

This website also hosts an online configuration utility that will allow you to configure the parameters of your controller online (in multiple languages, including Russian and Chinese) and export them to a USB stick. The file generated is compatible with all versions of the controller with the factory firmware or Pandora.

Controller manuals

You can download the full and official manuals for your model below:


You can download the latest version of Pandora or of the factory firmware below. The downloads are compatible for the DDCSV1.1, DDCSV2.1, DDCSV3.1 and the RMHV2.1.


If you are inexperienced with the update process and you are running Windows, it is advised that you use the guided Windows installer below. It will allow you to format your USB stick correctly and it will install either Pandora, or the official factory firmware update to the USB stick. Potential errors in the process are fixed automatically which makes the process much easier. This installer also contains multiple versions of both Pandora and the factory firmware.

Download v1.7 (May 12th, 2020): https://github.com/Pandora-CNC/PandoraInstaller/releases/download/v1.7b/PandoraInstaller.exe

Pandora installer screenshot

Factory version

Download the lastest factory version from 2020 (20200306112-NOR) from here: /dl/firmware/factory/DDCSVX1-20200306.zip

Download the lastest factory version from 2018 (2018073098-NOR) from here: /dl/firmware/factory/DDCSV11-RMHV21-2018073098.zip

Remember, that the factory firmware will not clean up any hooks and files put in place by the Pandora installer. It should still work and revert you to factory defaults.

If you are interested in this project's source code, visit our GitHub at https://github.com/Pandora-CNC/.

If you prefer to find your treasure on your own, you can also browse our archives manually.

Pandora testing version

Download the most recent version from August 26th, 2018 here: /dl/firmware/bleeding/Pandora-20180818.zip

This version has not been tested much, but should work well. If problems arise, please post them in the forums. You can always revert back to the stable version, if there are any issues.

You can also browse the bleeding directory of our archive.

Pandora stable version

Download the latest stable version from April 16th, 2017 here: /dl/firmware/stable/2017/Pandora-20170416.zip

You can also browse the stable directory of our archive.

Getting started

Installing Pandora is rather easy. You will need 10 minutes of time and a FAT32 formatted USB stick with at least 20 MB of free space.

Preparing the USB stick

The first thing you'll need to do is download the latest version of Pandora from the download section. There are two types of installers available:

Windows installer

If you are running Windows, you can use the simple Windows installer to copy the Pandora installer to the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB stick. E.g. if your USB stick shows up in Explorer as E:\ you choose the target E:\ in the installer. If the installer prompts you to overwrite something, choose to overwrite anything. Note, that this will only overwrite installation files and will keep your files intact. This is still on your own risk. Better back up your USB stick before installing Pandora.


The ZIP-Archive is the slightly more advanced and OS-independant option for installation. Simply extract all the files from the archive and copy them to the root of your USB stick (e.g. E:\ or /media/MY_USBSTICK).

Installing the firmware

To install the firmware, safely unmount the USB stick from your computer and put it aside. Now, cut the power to the controller and wait until you hear a beep or wait 10 seconds. Then, insert the USB stick into the controller's USB port and re-apply power to it. Wait, until the controller has rebooted once after showing the installation screen and returned back to the default home screen. It should now display DDCSV1.1 PLUS in the bottom right corner of the screen. Otherwise, try repeating the instructions, making sure that the installation files are certainly located in the uppermost directory of the USB stick.

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